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Spam Email Statistics

Below are just a few of the awards Spam Agent has won in the past.  We will try to update this as frequently as possible.


  • In 2001nearly 12 billion email messages will be sent every day  Jupiter Communications

  • The average number of email messages per day is 32, up 84% per year.

  • There are now as many as 170M corporate electronic mailboxes in use, growing 32% per year, with 440M mailboxes in total.

  • Spending on commercial email will balloon to $7.3 billion in 2005 from $164 million in 1999.  Jupiter Communications


  • In 1999, the average consumer received 40 pieces of spam. By 2005, Jupiter estimates, the total is likely to soar to 2000.  The Standard

  • America Online estimates that spam already accounts for more than 30 percent of email to its members – as many as 24 million messages a day.  The Standard

  • 74% of customers believe that their ISPs should be responsible for fixing spam problems. Gartner Group

  • 7% of ISP churn was directly attributed to spam.  Gartner Group

  • 36% of email users would switch ISPs in order to reduce the flow of spam they received.  Gartner Group

  • 24% of users would be willing to pay an incremental for spam blocking.  Gartner Group

  • 250,000 spam-related complaints reported every day at AOL alone.  PC Magazine

  • Nearly $2 of each customer's monthly bill can be attributed to electronic junk mail and other forms of spam.  Information Week



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