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Are you a webmaster, power affiliate, or consultant?

We are currently aggressively seeking affiliate relationships in all areas to sell our Spam Agent software.  We are offering 40% commission on all sales!

How much can you really make?
1 sale per day $16 or $5,832 per year
5 sales per day $80 or $29,163 per year
10 sales per day $160 or $58,400 per year

We currently have affiliates earning thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH!

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for signing up.  All relationships are free!  What can you lose!?  Even if you only sell a few copies per month you are still earning extra income for little amount of effort.

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How are sales tracked?

When you signup with our affiliate program you have access to your own personal account with us.  This account allows you to track sales in real-time.  Every time you make a sale you will receive an email notifying you how much commission you made.

Your account also gives you personalized sales links for our products.  You can link directly to our site or create your own order pages that are customized to fit your site layout.  This is the choice of most power sellers as it appears the order is coming directly from your site and not ours.

Your sales links contain cookie information which is stored on the customers computer.  What does this mean?  Well, if a customer orders the product at a later date, even if they order from a different site, you are credited for the sale as you were the first one to 'expose' the customer to our product.

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How am I paid?

You are paid by postal check or direct deposit.  You can customize your payment options anyway you like.

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If I create my own site can I use your resources?

When creating your own site for Spam Agent products we ask that your site be unique.  You are allowed to use all box images and  screenshots that are found on our site.  We also offer banners you can use if you choose to simply use a banner link system to sell our products.  Please visit the AFFILIATE TOOLBOX to gain access to these resources.

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I am interested in partnering or another type of relationship.

We are always looking for strategic partners, OEM distributions, and more.  Simply contact our staff with your proposal and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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Our support staff is highly trained in both sales, product assistance, and installation.  If you have any questions just fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Actual Customer Testimonial :
'Could not ask for a better product.  It does exactly what it states - STOPS SPAM and JUNK EMAIL!'

- Steven Wilcoff
Network Administrator


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