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Below you will find resources to use when selling our Spam Agent products.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our staff.

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Box Images

Simply right click on the image with your mouse and choose 'save picture as...' to save the image on your computer.

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Just visit our product page by clicking here.  You can use the same process as above to save our screenshots to your computer.

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Banners are typically 486x60 pixels wide as is the Internet standard.  Below is an example of our banner.  To download the full size version simply click on the image.



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Suggested Product Text

Spam Agent Home is your solution to eliminating those annoying spam and junk emails! With Spam Agent Home you instantly are filtered against over 1,500 common spam emails with the ability to create your own custom filters with the click of the mouse!

Other features include our unique 'spam reporting' option which lets you FIGHT BACK against spammers by reporting them automatically to their internet provider!

'Friends' list ensures your friends emails are never filtered while our new 'recovery' option lets you recover any email which was filtered!

Spam Agent Corporate is your solution to preventing unwanted emails in the workplace! It is estimated that every employee receives nearly 50-100 spam emails everyday! Imagine the increase in productivity by simply installing Spam Agent Corporate in your workplace!

Administrators may create their own 'default' filter list which is saved on the server - this list is then used by all PC's in your network as the default filtering list. Administrators may change this list at anytime and update ALL PC's instantly!

Users also have the option to create their own filters 'overtop' of the default list - this is the benefit of not using server side filtering software! We have found that everyone has their own spam problems specific to them - with our software each user can have their own individual list catered to their needs!

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Print Material

Here you will find media handouts in PDF format for our software.   These PDF's are ideal for printing and distribution at tradeshows, kiosk counters, informational courses, and much more!

  • Spam Agent Media Sheet (coming soon...)

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- Robert Johansen


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